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We help digital agencies & consultants land meetings with high-value prospects using handwritten, individually-personalized cold email campaigns.


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Done-For-You Email Outreach

Put your prospecting on autopilot. We run a complete done-for-you cold email outreach campaign on your behalf.

Land Meetings Consistently

Our average campaign (100 emails) results in 5-10 interested replies from your target prospects.

Researched & Personalized

Every message is handcrafted for each individual prospect. No spammy, automated email blasts.

Ryan Bozeman

Let’s talk about cold email.

Cold email is, in my experience, the most cost-effective and personal way for agencies and consultants to land new clients. I’ve used it to create a consistent stream of new leads in my own freelance business and agency for more than five years, and have helped other agencies.

If you run a digital agency or B2B service, there is a good chance that you have given it a try, or at least thought about doing so.

But cold email is hard to do right. Founders are inundated with cold pitches every day. Most never get read. Of those that do, only a select few get responded to.

Your reputation is also at stake. You don’t want to mass-blast unpersonalized cold emails out to your target market and look like a spammer. That will burn bridges and harm your reputation.

You have to personalize each email for every prospect if you want to generate results thorugh cold email. If you don’t personalize, your most valuable targets will disregard your email completely, send nasty replies, or mark your email as SPAM  — killing future deliverability.

When I say personalize, I don’t mean just injecting data from a .CSV into your emails. I mean actually researching each prospect individually — checking out their LinkedIn profile, website, and Googling them — and mentioning specific things about them or their business, so they know that you’ve done your research.

But personalizing hundreds of emails per month is extremely time-consuming and hard to do well. You need to focus on service and fulfillment, not spending your days researching prospects and personalizing emails.

That’s where I can help.

We’ll help you harness cold email outreach to make genuine connections and start discussions and land meetings with your ideal clients, without seeming spammy.

We handle the whole process from start to finish — including registering a new domain so you protect your business domain, warming it up to ensure deliverability, creating lists of your ideal clients, and emailing them thoughtful, individually personalized cold email sequences that lead to warm conversations and meetings. You just sit back and worry about closing sales.

With my cold email service you will:

  • Land meetings with your ideal clients. Our average campaign (100 handcrafted emails) lands 2-6 meetings and often 10+ positive discussions.
  • Come across professionally (and not like a spammer) with invidually personalized messages. Every message we send is handwritten, custom-tailored to the individual prospect, referencing something specific about them or their business.
  • Grow brand awareness. Even if a prospect isn’t ready for your service now, they are aware of you and may be back down the line. Good impressions set the stage.

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How It Works

A simple, proven process.

1. Build a List of Your Ideal Clients

We’ll build lead lists of your ideal clients, using a variety of tools to help us identify companies that meet our criteria.

2. Find Verified Direct Emails

We’ll find the founder’s (or other persona that you are targeting) direct email and verify it. Get directly in touch with decision-makers.

3. Handcraft Personalized Emails

We’ll dig into every prospect — checking their LinkedIn, website, and Google to find interesting things that we can reference. We create a 4-step campaign and send it on your behalf.

4. We Forward Positive Replies to You

When a prospect says that they are interested, has questions, or would like to schedule a meeting, we forward the replies to you so that you can get into the gritty details and close!

We’ll Be a Good Fit If You…

#1) Have a well-defined and specific offer.

#2) Charge $1,500+ per month for your services.

#3) Have great results and case studies that we can leverage.

#4) Have the capacity to take up to multiple sales calls per week.


Case Study 1: Growing My Content Marketing Agency

I spent more than 10 years as a freelance writer and content marketing agency owner. Throughout that decade, I consistently used cold email to land new clients.

I was able to grow my business to a comfortable six-figure level, using cold email as my only channel for acquiring new clients.

Here’s some stats from a cold email campaign that helped me land more than 20 meetings and 7 high-value clients.


One-Month Campaign Totals:

  • 47 Replies
  • 21 Meetings
  • 71% Open Rate
  • 7 New Clients

Case Study 2: Generating Leads for a Case Study Creation Service

We worked with a content marketing agency to help them land new clients for a specific service they were just debuting — case study creation for B2B companies.

We worked with them to get their new service off of the ground and score dozens of long-term clients over a period of a year.

Here’s an example of one campaign we ran that netted our clients 11 warm leads and a 77% open rate.

case study 2

Case Study 3: Generating Leads for a Full-Service eCommerce Digital Agency

We worked with a digital agency that focused on delivering high-value eCommerce websites. In working with them for a period of eight-months, we were able to generate hundreds of warm leads and more than 15 high-value clients for $XX,XXX websites.

Here is an example of one campaign that we sent that netted 13 warm leads and a 74% open rate.

case study 3


Transparent, simple pricing. No contract. Cancel anytime.

You can try the service out with a single 100-email campaign.

100 Prospects

$ 750

Per Month
  • 100 Hand-Vetted Leads
  • Handwritten Emails
  • 4-Step Campaign (3 followups)
  • Individually Personalized
  • Email Domain Warmup
  • Email Sending
  • Reply Handling
  • Forwarding Positive Replies
  • Campaign Reporting

200 ProspectsMost Popular

$ 1400

Per Month
  • 200 Hand-Vetted Leads
  • Handwritten Emails
  • 4-Step Campaign (3 followups)
  • Individually Personalized
  • Email Domain Warmup
  • Email Sending
  • Reply Handling
  • Forwarding Positive Replies
  • Campaign Reporting

300 Prospects

$ 2000

Per Month
  • 300 Hand-Vetted Leads
  • Handwritten Emails
  • 4-Step Campaign (3 followups)
  • Individually Personalized
  • Email Domain Warmup
  • Email Sending
  • Reply Handling
  • Forwarding Positive Replies
  • Campaign Reporting

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