Thoughtful, Handwritten Email Outreach for B2B Service Companies


We help digital agencies & consultants fill their pipeline with high-value prospects using handwritten, individually-personalized email outreach campaigns.


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Done-For-You Email Outreach

Put your prospecting on autopilot. We run a complete done-for-you cold email outreach campaign on your behalf.


Land Meetings Consistently

Our smallest plan (100 emails) averages 5-10 interested replies from your target prospects.


Researched & Personalized

Every message is handcrafted for each individual prospect. No spammy, automated email blasts.

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๐Ÿ“ฉ Thoughtful, Personalized Messaging

No spammy mass-automated junk. Generate new business and protect your reputation. We hand-vet every prospect. Then, we research each prospect individually to mention something specific about them or their business in our emails โ€” such as an article that they wrote, a social post they shared, a case study on their website, or something specific about their products.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Focus on Sales and Fulfillment, Not Outreach

Every B2B service business needs to be constantly prospecting to find new clients and keep their pipeline filled. But the process of building lead lists, personalizing your emails, and monitoring the campaigns is time-consuming. Let us handle that, while you focus on other high-impact areas of your business.

๐Ÿคต Avoid Costly Hires and Building Teams

The average salary for a business development rep is $50,000 per year, plus commissions. Then, many companies also work with low-quality overseas SDRs to generate interest. With our service, you can avoid unnecessary hires and completely outsource your prospecting.

๐Ÿ”ฌ Ongoing Campaign Optimization to Lift ROI

We will constantly test new angles, messaging, and strategies to improve the effectiveness of your outreach over time. We strive to create a system that generates predictable lead numbers each and every month. Use our campaigns to inform your other marketing and sales efforts.

โœ… A Strategic Partner, A Proven System

Our team has run successful prospecting and outreach campaigns for SEO, PPC, branding, web design, social media, SaaS, IT, and business consulting firms. Our personalized approach delivers consistent results to grow your pipeline and help you attract new clients.

How It Works


A simple, proven process.


1. Build a List of Your Ideal Clients

We’ll build lead lists of your ideal clients, using a variety of tools to help us identify companies that meet our criteria.

2. Find Verified Direct Emails

We’ll find the founder’s (or other persona that you are targeting) direct email and verify it. Get in touch with decision-makers directly.

3. Handcraft Personalized Emails

We’ll dig into every prospect โ€” checking their LinkedIn, website, and Google to find interesting things that we can reference. We create a 4-step campaign and send it on your behalf.

4. We Forward Positive Replies to You

When a prospect says that they are interested, has questions, or would like to schedule a meeting, we forward the replies to you so that you can get into the gritty details and close!



Case Study 1: Content Marketing Agency


One-Month Campaign Totals:

  • 582 Sent
  • 376 Opened (71%)
  • 47 Replied (9%)
  • 26 Interested Leads

Case Study 2: Sales Content Development Service

case study 2

One-Month Campaign Totals:

  • 122 Sent
  • 94 Opened (77%)
  • 16 Replied (13%)
  • 8 Interested Leads

Case Study 3: Full-Service eCommerce Digital Agency

case study 3

One-Month Campaign Totals:

  • 121 Sent
  • 89 Opened (74%)
  • 18 Replied (15%)
  • 11 Interested Leads


Simple, transparent pricing. No contract. Cancel anytime.

250 ProspectsMost Popular

$ 1000

Per Month

Expect 10-15 Interested Leads

  • 250 Hand-Vetted Prospects
  • Handwritten Emails
  • A/B Split Testing
  • 5-Step Campaign (4 followups)
  • Email Domain Warmup
  • Forwarding Positive Replies
  • Campaign Reporting

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500 Prospects

$ 1900

Per Month

Expect 20-30 Interested Leads

  • 500 Hand-Vetted Prospects
  • Handwritten Emails
  • A/B Split Testing
  • 5-Step Campaign (4 followups)
  • Email Domain Warmup
  • Forwarding Positive Replies
  • Campaign Reporting

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Is every email really personalized for each individual prospect?

Yep, no tricks. No creative automated personalization to make it seem like we researched them, either (Hey, saw we were both in X group on LinkedIn, etc.). We genuinely research each contact and say something specific about them or their business.

Can you send from our business domain?

No we cannot. That risks harming the email reputation of your primary domain โ€” and you don’t want client emails going to SPAM. We send from a similar domain. If you are, we might send from something or

Do you start sending email immediately?

No, the first 3 weeks of any engagement require that we warm our sending domain up. After 3 weeks, we start sending. For our largest plans, this means that Month 1 will often bleed over into Month 2.

Do you send to the U.K. / X Country?

We only send outreach to U.S.-based businesses at this time. If you can only serve companies in your local area, we would not be a good fit.

Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee that every customer will generate interested leads every month. Exact numbers depend on a number of factors, including a company’s previous experience, targeted industries and job titles, and other factors.

Do you book appointments for me?

No, we cannot book appointments directly to your calendar. While prospects often do respond to our emails and ask to book a meeting โ€” our goal is simply to get the prospect to raise their hand and express interest for more information โ€” then we forward the email to the appropriate person at your company to followup with them and schedule a meeting.

Do you send emails under my name, or someone else at my company?

Yes. If you would like the emails forwarded to Jim, we would like to send them under his name to give interested prospects a seamless transition.

What kind of businesses does this work for?

Any B2B company can benefit from outreach. Our clients that see the best ROI from our service typically have these traits:

  • A high-ticket service
  • Excellent case studies that we can reference
  • A defined sales process

Do you have a larger plan? Can we send more than 500 emails?ย 

Yes, we can handle sending up to 2,500 personalized emails per month, per company (as long as our targeted industries are large enough to do so). Contact us about custom plans.

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