Our Process

#1 — Onboarding

First, we’ll have a quick call to make sure that we are a good fit for one another.

After the call, we’ll send over our onboarding questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us to learn about your business and identify the right prospects to contact.

If necessary, we may schedule a second discovery call if we feel like we need to learn more before we begin.


#2 — Prospect Selection & List Building

Then we deep-dive into research. We’ll work with you to determine target criteria for each monthly campaign (company industry, headcount, job title, other attributes) and build a list of your ideal prospects.

You’ll get to approve the list of prospects before the emails begin going out.


#3 — Email Copywriting & Template Creation

We’ll write the copy for the campaigns. Since each individual email is 25%-75% unique for each recipient (depending on the campaign and prospect), we create standard templates that we use, along with examples of what the final result will look like for the end prospect. Every campaign we send is 4 emails long, delivered over the course of 1.5 months.

You’ll receive a report of the full text sent to each prospect after the campaign is delivered.

case study writing

#4 — We Send Handwritten Emails to Your Prospects

Then, we send the emails to your prospects, referencing something unique about them or their business. Every email we send is between 25%-75% unqiue to the recipient. The initial emails (the first of a 4-step sequence) will be delivered within the first month. Followups may bleed over into the next month.


#5 — We Forward You The Positive Replies

All of the positive replies from the campaign are sent directly to your inbox. This includes when a prospect accepts a request for a meeting, asks questions, or requests more information.

We help you turn leads into warm conversations so that you can close them.