Our Process

#1 — Onboarding & Target Identification

First, we’ll have a quick call to make sure that we are a good fit for one another.

After that call, we’ll send over our onboarding questionnaire and schedule an onboarding call where we will learn about your business. We’ll discuss potential topics for the posts.

We’ll also deliver a list of potential targets. You’ll be able to narrow down the list and select the publications you would like to prioritize.


#2 — Research & Outlining

Then we deep-dive into research. We’ll examine your website and popular blogs for inspiration, then deliver suggested topics for your blog posts, based on our conversations and research.

With your approval on the topics, we will deliver an outline for every guest post to ensure that we know what the post will cover and that we are on the same page.


#3 — Writing Your Guest Post

With your guest post outline locked in, we’ll get to work creating your high-performance longform content. Our writers are all US-based and have a verified portfolio of delivering high-level content to prominent publications.

Our content is our secret weapon. When you deliver outstanding content, it’s hard for editors to say “no.”

case study writing

#4 — Editing & Revisions

Once completed, we deliver our finished first draft. Before you see it, every article goes through a three-stage editing process that includes 1) writer editing, 2) editor uplifting and editing, and 3) final pass proofreading. You get multiple eyes on every project to ensure that it is error-free, insightful, and consistent.

Your first draft is delivered and you have a chance to request any changes or revisions you would like to see before we begin pitching it to publications.

planning and strategy

#5 — Pitching & Following Up

We leverage our industry connections and effective pitching strategies to secure placements on some of the biggest blogs and publications in the digital marketing industry.

We handle the whole process for you. We pitch the editors, implement any revisions they request, and then follow up with them as necessary until the guest post goes live.

planning and strategy

#5 — Published!

Your brand-boosting guest post is live! Now we send the invoice :).